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the ultimate selfie: what healthy people can learn from getting their genome sequenced

Michael Snyder never saw it coming. Healthy, trim, and active at age 54, the Stanford geneticist decided to undergo whole genome sequencing (WGS) in 2010, when the technology was just being established at his university. Snyder figured he’d be a “guinea pig” for WGS not only to satisfy his own curiosity, but because, at the [...]

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robin williams’ gift

To the Editor of The New York Times: Re “Widow Cites Dementia in Suicide of Williams” (Arts pages, Nov. 4), in which Susan Schneider Williams discusses the various health challenges the comedian Robin Williams faced: The extraordinary Robin Williams has given us yet another extraordinary gift: an urgent invitation to discuss one of the most [...]

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REVIEW: Mindfulness to Enhance Athletic Performance: Theoretical Considerations and Possible Impact Mechanisms

REVIEW: Mindfulness to Enhance Athletic Performance: Theoretical Considerations and Possible Impact Mechanisms D. Birrer (*) : P. Röthlin : G. Morgan Elite Sport Department, Federal Institute of Sports, Alpenstrasse 16, 2532 Magglingen, Switzerland e-mail: daniel.birrer@baspo.admin.ch Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2012 Abstract   Top athletes face various challenges in their career on and off the sports field. Sport [...]

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Davos 2013: Resilience as a 21st Century Imperative

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND 22 January 2013 The weather here is crisp and snowy, but the global outlook heading into the 43rd World Economic Forum is decidedly more overcast. "Is global capitalism going through a prolonged period of convalescence," asks the Guardian's economics editor Larry Elliott, "or is it suffering from an incurable sickness?" With the main engine of the [...]

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Boost Your Brain Power – Lessons From Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson, legendary NBA basketball coach, used mindfulness techniques early in his life to be a smarter baseball and basketball player. He subsequently utilized those same techniques mindfulness to become a great leader and coach. Certainly some have argued that he had such great talent in Michael Jordan that winning three titles in a row [...]

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Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT): A Review

Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training: Introduction and Empirical Support A Review by Elizabeth A. Stanley, Ph.D. and John M. Schaldach January 2011 Today’s complex, fluid, and unpredictable operational environment both demands more from the military in terms of mission requirements and exposes troops to more stressors and potential trauma than ever before. Mindfulness-based Mind Fitness Training (MMFT)® is a [...]

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Stress Benefit Tied To Upbeat Mindset

Stress can be good for body and mind, according to new research that found that changes in body chemistry and in behavior depended on how people viewed the nature of stress. It all depends on your attitude. In studies on investment bankers and students, researchers said when people see stress as debilitating, their bodies don't [...]

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Resilience, Mindfulness, and Athletic Performance In The Modern Era

How do athletes find that transcendent place commonly referred to as 'The Zone'? Sports psychologist Alex Titkov talks about how sports teams worldwide are embracing both science and spirituality to enhance their athlete's performance capacity. Like many concepts, mental toughness or mental resilience vary in definition, but one way to look at this concept is [...]

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Resilient Mindset Quiz for Parents

Please consider the Resilient Mindset Quiz. Answers and commentary follow the ten questions. 1. My child leaves a favorite toy outside overnight. Though I’ve repeatedly reminded my child that the toy might "disappear" if left out, my reminders were not heeded. The next morning, the toy is gone and my child is crying. I would: [...]

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