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Dialogue with the Wealthy Necessary to Constructive Solutions of Income Inequality

Perceptive, strategic discourse of income inequality in NY Times by Harvard University's Sendhil Mullainathan cautions we not lose focus on ameliorating conditions of bottom 20% with inappropriate focus on top 1%. However, my recent letter in NY Times reminds us to engage the wealthiest in conversation for the most constructive solutions. There is work to be done [...]

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Equal Pay for Monkeys: a Case for Us All

Equal Pay for Monkeys: inequality impact on other primates. Pure charm, if not "pure" science. Very difficult not to extrapolate to humans. This YouTube clip is part of a longer TED presentation by Frans de Waal on Moral Behavior in Animals, a stunning piece on apparent empathy, cooperation, fairness, reciprocity, and caring about the well-being of [...]

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Why Rich Calling Everyone Nazis: An Alternative Perspective

In an interesting article promising a scientific explanation as to "why the rich are calling everyone Nazis" published in today's Huffington Post, author Jillian Berman reviews Dacher Keltner's work at Berkeley. Dr. Keltner has written about the lack of empathy in the super wealthy, recognizing contributors of social isolation, disconnection, impact of power, and the [...]

My Letter Published in New York Times re Dialogue with the Wealthy

To the Editor of the New York Times: Re “A Family Office for the Superrich, and Lessons for the Less Wealthy,” by Paul Sullivan (Wealth Matters column, Feb. 15): It is not an easy time to be wealthy. On some level, a laughable problem. But in this era when everyone from the pope, to our [...]

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Yes, the Wealthy Can Be Deserving

“Yes, the Wealthy Can Be Deserving” according to Gregory Mankiw in the New York Times of 16 February, 2016. No doubt, many can and many are. Mr. Mankiw identifies himself as an economics professor at Harvard University. Yet, Professor Mankiw was also a loyal economic advisor to Mitt Romney. Despite the former Presidential candidate’s publicly [...]

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Global politics are complex. Puppy love is easy. Kudos to Gus Kenworthy

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” - Mahatma Gandhi There are many variants of this belief: how a society treats its most vulnerable, weakest, poor, children, its minorities. We are bearing witness at Sochi to failures of civilized man. These failures are [...]

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Sochi 2014: Failures of Empathy

2000 dogs on streets of Sochi are threatened with death by poison "in time for" the Winter Olympics. Sochi's dog culler calls strays "biological trash". "Not even figure-skating costumes can charm Alan Cumming into watching the Winter Olympics this time around. 'No. No,' the actor told the Daily Intelligencer last night, at the New York [...]

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Martin Luther King: I am proud to be maladjusted

Martin Luther King, Jr., at Western Michigan University, 18 December, 1963: from Dr. King: "There are certain technical words within every academic discipline that soon become stereotypes and cliches. Modern psychology has a word that is probably used more than any ... It is the word "maladjusted." This word is the ringing cry to modern [...]

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Dialogue about Children and Poverty Requires Translation into Discussion of Empathy

Mark Kennedy Shriver, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Save the Children, published a letter in the New York Times of December 18th, 2013, inviting readers to a dialogue about children and poverty. Mr. Shriver's personal frustration was apparent in his excellent article, decrying the potential dismantling of federal programs supporting early childhood development. I [...]

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