Cool Smartphone Apps for Good Health

In each issue of the Family Advisory Newsletter, we plan to feature a few practical apps for your mobile devices that we hope you will enjoy. Today we feature two in the area of health: Heart Rate and First Aid. Know your Heart For an adult, normal resting heart rate ranges from 60 to 100 beats a minute. [...]

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Living the Good Life: Inside and Out

Life Series: Skills Everyone Needs for a Life Well Lived What do early childhood development experts worldwide and authors of wildly successful self-help books on achieving success have in common?  Each identifies skills essential to happy and productive people. Acquisition of these skills begins in early childhood and is the basis for identical characteristics we require as [...]

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Making a Difference

A Poem by James Curtis (aged 7 years 11 months) Listen! What can you hear? A rustling sound of a tree swaying gently in the wind, A splashing of waves crashing onto the beach. Listen, What can you hear? A lid of an old rusty box creaking as someone opens the lid, A ghost haunting the [...]

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response to the new york times on sanctions for penn state

To the Sports Editor of The New York Times: Although the N.C.A.A. punishment is significant in terms of financial repercussions for Penn State, a critical question is whether such consequences serve the most constructive purpose. It would be heartening if some of the money were earmarked for education, prevention and clinical research in sexual abuse. [...]