answering cries for help: guest column in the seattle times

answering cries for helpĀ  by Ronnie S. Stangler, M.D. Guest Columnist to the Seattle Times/Special to The Seattle Times Carol M. Ostrom's front-page story about Martha Silano, Langdon Cook and their baby boy, Riley, was deeply disturbing. The aftermath of Group Health Cooperative's refusal to reimburse the majority of medical treatment for Silano's devastating postpartum [...]

response to frank rich on shootings and mental illness

To the Editor of The New York Times: Frank Rich's eloquent plea for a sane and meaningful response to the shootings at the Capitol (column, July 29) should be required reading for every member of Congress. Mental illness is identifiable and treatable. Our society deserves the benefits of compassionate care. We pay either way. We [...]

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