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Yes, the Wealthy Can Be Deserving

“Yes, the Wealthy Can Be Deserving” according to Gregory Mankiw in the New York Times of 16 February, 2016. No doubt, many can and many are. Mr. Mankiw identifies himself as an economics professor at Harvard University. Yet, Professor Mankiw was also a loyal economic advisor to Mitt Romney. Despite the former Presidential candidate’s publicly [...]

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Global politics are complex. Puppy love is easy. Kudos to Gus Kenworthy

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” - Mahatma Gandhi There are many variants of this belief: how a society treats its most vulnerable, weakest, poor, children, its minorities. We are bearing witness at Sochi to failures of civilized man. These failures are [...]

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Martin Luther King: I am proud to be maladjusted

Martin Luther King, Jr., at Western Michigan University, 18 December, 1963: from Dr. King: "There are certain technical words within every academic discipline that soon become stereotypes and cliches. Modern psychology has a word that is probably used more than any ... It is the word "maladjusted." This word is the ringing cry to modern [...]

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Lost Boy Grows Up: Trials of Sudan Refugee Jacob Mach

12 years after leaving the Sudan for the United States, Jacob Mach has found that the dream of a better life is both all around him and just outside his grasp. “All I knew was that America was the greatest thing in the world,” Jacob Mach observes in the New York Times article chronicling his [...]

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how sandy could affect the election

To the Editor of The New York Times: Government is a social contract. It has been working brilliantly in this week of Hurricane Sandy. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's endorsement of President Obama's re-election based on his environmental stance is a powerful reminder that this contract must ultimately extend beyond city, state and even national borders. [...]

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response to the new york times on sanctions for penn state

To the Sports Editor of The New York Times: Although the N.C.A.A. punishment is significant in terms of financial repercussions for Penn State, a critical question is whether such consequences serve the most constructive purpose. It would be heartening if some of the money were earmarked for education, prevention and clinical research in sexual abuse. [...]

answering cries for help: guest column in the seattle times

answering cries for help  by Ronnie S. Stangler, M.D. Guest Columnist to the Seattle Times/Special to The Seattle Times Carol M. Ostrom's front-page story about Martha Silano, Langdon Cook and their baby boy, Riley, was deeply disturbing. The aftermath of Group Health Cooperative's refusal to reimburse the majority of medical treatment for Silano's devastating postpartum [...]