In an interesting article promising a scientific explanation as to “why the rich are calling everyone Nazis” published in today’s Huffington Post, author Jillian Berman reviews Dacher Keltner‘s work at Berkeley. Dr. Keltner has written about the lack of empathy in the super wealthy, recognizing contributors of social isolation, disconnection, impact of power, and the wealthy’s diminished exposure to alternative realities.

What is not addressed, however, is that the wealthy themselves are the recipients of increasingly less societal empathy and understanding. Their unique challenges are, if not disregarded, trivialized outright or mocked.

#EmpathyInequality further exacerbates the preexisting isolation and mistrust of the super wealthy and an endless cycle of negative feedback is perpetuated. The wealthy feel attacked and misunderstood. Utilization of Nazi references represents the ultimate primitive metaphor for unjust persecution and is a reflection of something malignant, sinister, and hateful in our collective environment.

Empathy must transcend economic class.